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You are reading homestuck and growling at other Gamzy fan-girls (or boys)     "BOY OH BOY! More people acting like some drunk gray thing is gonna date them." you scowl. But Gamzy the drunk clown falls down into the side walk. His face is smashed in. You walk over and you hear a muffled "Honk". You drag him into your house. "Okay asshole i want you and im gonna get you,now we can do this the hard way or the easy way." you say. You hear the screaming from outside from Kfsfoz. He is get his face getting punched. hes bleeding. Sfmp is doing it. Any ways. Gamzy Says something inspiring..."Honk". Wow umm this was more about sfmp than anything. Gamzy try's too lean in and kiss you but he passes out. The next day he wakes up you try to hug him but he's sober so uhh he kills you. Sorry about the the Kfsfoz try to figure out the name on your own and end
so im getting tired of these but they are just fan girls of sans, its pretty obvious they're twelve year olds wanting to get "boned" by a fictional character.Now with this comes some people just like "now all you mother fucking fan girls lay off.SANS IS MINE!" those people make me sick. Now if you arent the kind that is like "omg sans is mine" then i can tollerate you got it